How It All Began

  • January1, 1984, while attending the Sugar Bowl, we watched a group of jubliant Shriners motorcade in their traditional fashion during the halftime celebration commemorating the Bowl's 50th anniversary. The idea was struck that we too should do something to commemorate our fiendship since college. We realized that the festivities of a bowl game was the best place to do it. In an attempt to blaze a trail where no pair of fans have ever walked before, we decided that we would go to a different bowl game every year until we had seen them all.

  • Attending a Bowl game can be as much fun as you want to make it. Every city has something different to offer and some work better than others in combining the game and the city into a very memorable experience. It's tough to rank a game high if it's played in a down pour, especially a lower tier game. Conversely, any game you get a free ticket to, find a way into the VIP tent, meet the players/coaches, or have a picture taken with the cheer leaders or team mascot, that all makes for a pretty darn good game. Fortunately for us, we have mastered this skill! Our ranking is soley based on the experience we had at the Bowl when that game was played.