Bowl Game Scoreboard: Tom 21 - Brian 21

  • 1

    Attend a different game each year
    When we began, there were 18 games. Today there are 42. We hope we live long enough to finish this quest!

  • 2

    Inaugural, last, and least-expensive venues take priority when choosing what bowl game to attend next.
    We started just after college and money was tight. Almost 40 years later, we act like we are still in college and money is still just as tight!

  • 3

    Tom and Brian must root for different teams
    Hey, if we both rooted for the same team, what fun would that be?

  • 4

    Previous year's loser gets to pick the team to root for the following year
    Think of it like picking first in the draft. The worse you do, the more of an advantange you have next year.

  • 5

    Respective team paraphenalia to be worn by each participant
    That is a lot of collegiate swag we've collected over the years.

  • 6

    Point spread from local city paper on gameday will be used
    Standard Vegas rules apply here.

  • 7

    Loser pays for all postgame activities (dinner, beverages, etc.)
    Surprising how thirsty and hungry one gets after winning a Bowl game bet!

  • 8

    Achieve rules 1-7 without sacrificing the college education of our children
    Our kids are very concerned about the number of Bowl games left!